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Friday Jan 09, 2015

Andre Crouch is the composer of this great song. I was not blessed with the golden voice that Andre Crouch had, but his music was a great inspiration to my young heart and I sang many of his songs over the years. This recording was taken with a cheap cassette recorder in a small Indian Church in St Lucia, Natal in 1981 

Monday Apr 28, 2014

A short sample of Rivers of Worship - Keyboard Instrumental by Gil Howard-Browne.

Monday Jan 27, 2014

A short sample from this album. 16 Songs that Gil wrote about 25 years ago. Almost every line of each song is a scripture from the Bible and will build your faith.  

Monday Jan 27, 2014

A sample of the songs on the CD -  Lost in His Glory. 

Tuesday Dec 04, 2012

A short Sample of my new Worship CD - 52 minutes of live worship from several revival meetings. Get details  -  Click Here

Tuesday Apr 05, 2011

A clip from the Hudson, Florida revival meetings in Jan 2011. This section will bless and encourage you. We specifically edited this clip from the full worship session to add to our blog article Visit our blog at and our podcast at Be blessed Gil Howard-Browne

Friday Apr 01, 2011

A short song to encourage you.  During the worship at this 8 min segment of Holy Spirit prompted worship was given to me.  I spoke prophetically to those who were watching online. "fill me to overflowing ... pour out your glory Lord"   The anointing on this segment will touch your heart and encourage you.   View our blog with this audio clip ... "Don't let the storms of life block the FLOOD of God's blessing" CLICK HERE

Friday Apr 01, 2011

A short song of encouragement "God is so Good"  Sung by Gil Howard-Browne at Tide Water Area Christian Fellowship in Virginia Beach, VA.  Jan 2011.  Please visit my blog

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